Nagios is not a Monitoring Strategy

When I visit clients to talk about DevOps, I usually ask them what their monitoring strategy is. Too often, the answer I hear is “We use Nagios”. I think Nagios is a great tool, but it sure is not a strategy. Read my latest post on that discusses why a monitoring strategy is important for delivering cloud... Read More

Architecting the Cloud

My first book called “Architecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Service Models (SaaS, PaaS, PaaS)” has officially published as of yesterday (1/28/2014) Why I wrote the book In 2008 I took a gamble and left corporate after 20+ years to try a startup. I believed that we could build a company 100% in the cloud without having to buy or lease datacenters, buy equipment, and hire tons of people to manage it. Over the next four... Read More